Cards for Soldiers

Thought I would take a break from Christmas card making to talk about a project that is very dear to my heart – Cards for Soldiers.  This organization gathers together donated cards which are then placed into boxes of goodies that the military sends to their soldiers stationed abroad.  The cards serve two purposes:  First providing a much lifted lift to soldiers who are away from their homes and families and second supplying them with cards that they can then send to the folks back home.

The reason this is so dear to my heart is that I come from a multi-generational military family.  My father (Air Force) served in Vietnam, my brother (Air Force) served in Desert Storm, my son (Navy) served in Desert Storm, my husband (Navy) served in Vietnam and my nephew was in the Army.  So I spent a lot of time writing letters and sending cards as you can imagine.  I know firsthand how important it is to these men/women to receive support from us and how wonderful it is to get happy mail when you are so far away.

The organization I donate to and support wholeheartedly is Cards for Soldiers.  My wonderful contact there is Charly Matthews and she is so happy to take on the huge task of trying to fulfill the requests that come from all branches of the services.  She has quite a few she is trying to fill as I write this, so I have been busy making cards for the last two days.


I know many of you out there have a stash of cards that could use a good home so won’t you consider sending some of them to her?  You can reach her via her Facebook page:   You can also see the types of cards they are desperately in need of right now.

And you can mail your cards to:  Cards for Soldiers
C/O Charly Mathews
388 E M 72 HGWY 
Grayling, MI 49738

Please consider joining in to help support our overseas troops.  Thanks, everyone!  Hope you have a wonderful Saturday!

6 thoughts on “Cards for Soldiers

  1. Beautiful cards for a great cause! I need to go through my stash and send some her way too! Thanks!


  2. Wonderful cards – wonderful cause! Thank you, Linda! 🙂


  3. Great cause! I went to the FB page and really couldn’t find a place that said what kind of cards they are particularly wanting right now. I don’t keep a stash, but would love to start participating.


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